Uppercup +

$20.00 $25.00

Uppercup+ comes in a cute jute satchel to return your old reusable cup to be recycled into a new Uppercup+ if you wish.  Please see uppercup.com for instructions on how to do this.  

Uppercup+ is made of old recycled Uppercup's.  Being a certified B-Corporation, they are committed to closing the loop and recycling your old Uppercup at the end of life. 

Uppercup+ has an insulated wall, your coffee will stay warm and your fingers cold.  This cup is 355ml.  Designed by baristas for people who love coffee, the conical bottom means you can have a perfectly poured coffee every time and it is so nice to drink out of.  

Uppercup+ is BPA & BPS free.  Durable and dishwasher safe.  Glass-like feel.  Odour and stain resistant.  Designed and made in Australia