The Uppercontainer comes in a convenient pack of three. The Uppercontainer is a 100% Australian made, B Corporation certified, reusable environmentally friendly food container. 

The Uppercontainer has a sturdy attached snap-on lid. You'll no longer find yourself searching at the back of the cupboard for a matching lid.  This container also has an inner fill line, you can easily measure out different serving sizes of 500ml and 750ml. The curved base and indented lid design allow for easy stacking when open or closed. 

Useful household storage containers for leftovers plus, the lightweight and shatterproof material is perfect for on the go.

Volume is 940ml, height is 100mm, diameter is 80mm, width is 140mm.

BPA & BPS free, Made of Food Grade PP, Durable and dishwasher safe (top shelf only).