Stoned and Infused Smoky Quartz Crystal Infused Candle


Smoky Quartz is the ultimate stone of power and stability. It's beautiful earthy tones are a powerful reminder that we have the ability to re-connect with the earth and soil to feel stable and grounded. A highly protective stone, Smoky Quartz may provide a shield against negative energies and help to re-connect us with our senses and the physical world around us. Smoky Quartz is believed to encourage positive thinking and actions while promoting a balanced and stable mindset.  The perfect choice to help focus and ground your energy in the present moment, and bring a sense of inner peace and calm. Smoky Quartz may also neutralise and protect you from negative and unwanted energies, as well as harmful electromagnetic radiation.

Now even further infused with high-grade crystal chips at the bottom of each candle. This beautiful crystal surprise embedded at the bottom of your candle is waiting to appear as your candle slowly burns down. For those who prefer to take their crystals out to enjoy before lighting your candle, you can now do so with peace of mind, knowing that your candle is still deeply stoned and infused with all the healing properties and benefits that your chosen crystal has to offer.


Thoughtfully scented with a creamy, decadent blend of Buttery Balsamic, rich gourmand notes of gooey Caramel and creamy Vanilla, finished off with lush, sweet Coconut and warm, balmy Tonka Bean.

Extra Large | 400g