Frills and Spills Fine Art Print


Without fear, Frilly was always pushing the limits. Higher, faster, and ever the more daring, he would achieve everything he knew to be possible.

All prints are printed on eco-friendly bamboo, Fine Art quality paper. Nothing less than the best in quality and environmentally sustainable production.

Western Australian artist, Jaelle Pedroli, living and working in Perth was raised in her family home nestled against the towering trees of the Southern Forrest, Boojarah region. This made for an idyllic childhood and an inherent visual language that is tangible in her paintings. Nature is something she is drawn to in life and features strongly in her artistic practice. 

Her ‘Good Art’ collection, mostly features anthropomorphic Australian animals. She started painting this series from a desire to create artworks for her two boys. Now Jaelle, her husband, and the kids, often have fun as a family coming up with ideas for the next work. “I love painting these because it’s pure joy for me, my family and my customers’ families too”.