Love Beauty Foods Toothpaste


Natural toothpastes that clean teeth without preservatives, synthetics or foaming agents. Made with food-grade Australian Kaolin Clay, mineral-rich Calcium Carbonate, Organic Virgin Coconut oil and supreme antibacterial ingredients, they promote a wholly healthier mouth. Each jar of concentrated water-free formula prevents 2 toothpaste tubes going to landfill.

Organic Mint - Naturally flavoured with organic peppermint and native Australian bush balm mint, which has its own antifungal properties to prevent bad breath, this alt toothpaste is wholly refreshing.

Organic Lemon Myrtle and Bush Mint - Naturally flavoured with organic peppermint and medicinal Australian lemon myrtle, a renowned medicinal plant that wards off bacteria, fungus and inflammation, this alt toothpaste is refreshing and subtly zesty.

Organic Wild Orange and Mandarin - Naturally flavoured with Organic Wild Orange and Mandarin, potent sources of antioxidants and strong pacifiers of inflammation, this alt toothpaste tastes fresh but sweet.

Organic Spearmint and Tasmanian Wakame - Tasmanian Wakame, it promotes a wholly healthier mouth. Naturally flavoured with Organic Spearmint, a prominent fungal repellent, this alt toothpaste tastes subtly refreshing.

100 G / 3.52 OZ