Winki Zinc Lip and Cheek Tint Eco Tube


Finally, a natural balm with SPF 30 that doesn't dry out your skin! Smooth and moisturising, but ultra protective this is a must have in your beach bag or daypack.

Free from oxybenzone, fragrances & preservatives - this balm is nothing but good for you. It's good for the planet too, with biodegradeable packaging and a pure cold-pressed, unprocessed base of oils and butters.

Lip & Cheek is lightly tinted and the colours appear subtle when applied, giving you a nice little glow. They blend beautifully with our Tinted Base SPF 30 to provide full face coverage.

NUDE - an earthy, neutral sheen.
ROSE - soft and subtle pink, a classic tone.
CORAL - light and bright, but ultimately quite subtle.