One of Twelve Kalaru Silk Scarf


This beautiful scarf, made by One of Twelve, shows artwork by Nancy Nyanjilpayi Chapman.  Nancy depicts the edible native succulent Samphire which grows in abundance around the salt lakes and clay pans of Chapman’s Country. The plant sheds edible black seeds that are collected, rinsed many times over, ground into a flour, then used to make damper. It is a time consuming dish that is still created for special occasions today.

Chapman’s painting practice is defined by a similar commitment to process. In this work, the delicate fanning of kalaru fronds gently frame Chapman’s meticulously fine dot work, representing a cache of jewel-like seeds. Chapman’s masterful use of colour and layering add a depth and movement to the work that seems to ripple with the motion of winnowing.

110CM X 110CM 12MM 100% Silk Satin with hand rolled edges.  

All scarves come in a beautiful gift box, including artist's card and detailing their work and practice.